Our Team

Joshua Price

Director of Growth

Joshua’s qualifications in Economics and Physics brings a fresh perspective to the field of diversity and inclusion, where he has spent the last 14 years working at the leading edge of the industry for the international boutique consultancy, Symmetra.  Joshua’s passion is bringing together eclectic and disparate ideas to create exciting new paradigms that give people a new way of looking at the world and their work.

As private and public sector organisations around the world have placed an increasing emphasis on the importance of diversity as a strategic business driver, in his role as Director of Innovation and Business Development Joshua has been responsible for conceptualising, designing  and delivering the product and service solutions that will meet their needs. This includes creating executive development programs in Symmetra’s Innoclusion™ portfolio, which build capability to leverage diversity of thought and meet the inclusive cultural conditions that drive innovation.

Joshua has also designed leadership programs on flexible working & remote teams, psychological safety, cross-cultural intelligence, unconscious bias and principles of inclusion; created methodologies for measuring inclusiveness at the individual and organisational level; and designed new interactive learning technologies such as the Diversity Challenge classroom software (used across the globe in several languages) and the E-Challenge online learning platform.

He has worked on projects for ASX200 companies in Australia, Fortune 500 companies in the USA and blue chip companies across the APAC region, and in his role he consults with a range of stakeholders to design organisational inclusion strategies and leadership development solutions that enable diversity to drive business outcomes. Joshua regularly delivers presentations to a range of small and large audiences, from executive teams to human capital communities in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.