Our Team

Tanushree Mukherjee

Senior Manager

Tanushree is a Learning & Development professional with 17 years of leadership experience in leading teams, advocating processes, productivity improvements, and building organizational capabilities. This rich experience in managing diverse managerial roles has provided her with an in-depth understanding of the strategy & execution areas within the employee & customer life cycle.

Tanushree is passionate about people and building them up for success and her 13 years in JP Morgan Chase & Company, provided her with the platform to not only manage large teams but also be the conduit to facilitate growth, success, and development for her teams and individuals. Her laissez-faire leadership style has been her North star in her corporate roles.

In her spare time, she is passionate about giving back to the community and being an ally for women and children. She has volunteered with Singapore Red Cross as their Induction facilitator and providing Blood donor bandaging support, she’s been a Mentor & English trainer supporting an eight month ‘Improve your English’ cohort for Foreign Domestic workers,  enjoyed being a storyteller for children with the National Library Board, Singapore, humbled with her Refugee Mentorship experience and support and lastly her volunteer role as the Training Lead for KeyNote Singapore, in leading the training expansion for the International space has been gratifying and helped her forge relationships with diverse and intellectual women across the world!

Tanushree recently  relocated from Singapore to London. She loves traveling and enjoying the expat life, she will miss bright and sunny Singapore and is equally excited to the new adventures that are in store for her family & her in London!