Diversity Culture Audit

Symmetra’s Diversity Culture Audit offers a substantive method for monitoring how well your organisation is doing with regard to achieving its diversity and inclusion objectives, providing accurate quantitative and qualitative data to benchmark your progress and inform strategy design.

Using a customisable survey as well as interviews and focus groups, we extract detailed information which can be used to identify barriers to diversity, improve leadership inclusiveness and shape overall culture to align with best practice.

We provide comprehensive reporting on all findings with high levels of granularity so that you can zero in on issues specific to particular regions, divisions or job levels. We then add our expert analysis, so that you know where to focus your energy to get the best results.

The audit can cover the full range of diversity issues below, or just focus on a particular area:

  • Leadership
  • Culture of inclusion
  • Age and generational differences
  • Gender equity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Flexibility and work/life balance
  • Carer responsibilities & parental transition
  • Culture/ethnicity and religion
  • Disability