Intuitiv Discovery Tool

Extensive research has shown that unconscious bias is one of the key barriers to the attraction and advancement of diverse groups in the workplace. One of the most important steps in addressing and counteracting the effects of unconscious bias is to develop self-insight and awareness of how it impacts on our decisions and behaviours in everyday situations.

In order to address this awareness gap and raise personal accountability, Symmetra provides blended learning solutions that incorporate Intuitiv, our unique customisable self discovery tool for measuring the impact of unconscious bias on diverse groups. Intuitiv has been used by hundreds of leaders in numerous organisations in order to uncover the patterns of associations – favourable and unfavourable – that they hold in relation to various diverse groups.

Intuitiv is designed to be customised for your organisations particular context – obtaining meaningful data and delivering actionable insights, thus ensuring that appropriate steps can be taken both at the individual and organisational level to minimise the impact of unconscious biases on decision making.