Diversity Narrative

Storytelling is an art as old a human culture itself – an evolved method for transferring information through social networks in a compelling and engrossing way. Narrative is therefore a leadership tool – one that enables leaders to create a positive image of the future that can be used to inspire others.

When applied to the topic of diversity and inclusion, Narrative allows leaders to increase their impact by elevating the conversation from a purely rational “business case” discussion to one that wins hearts and minds and encourages others to become passionate about D&I.

Without a good narrative, leaders may not only find it difficult to articulate the reasons and objectives for a diversity and inclusion strategy, but others may also be sceptical of their commitment.

Our Narrative sessions achieve two main outcomes for participants. Firstly it enables them to form a shared view of the organisational narrative, so that the message disseminated across the organisation regarding “why we value diversity” is consistent, simple and powerful. Secondly, it enables leaders to form their personal narrative, meaning that they can speak with authenticity about why diversity matters to them as an individual and how this aligns to the goals and objectives of the organisation.

With these tools in hand, leaders then have the opportunity to extend their influence further and more sustainably to drive real change.