Inclusion Skills

Awareness of diversity and inclusion issues needs to be translated into action by equipping all people leaders with the necessary skills to embed inclusion into their day to day practice. Symmetra offers a series of practical modules based on a philosophy that places the learner at the centre of the process, giving them ownership over their own development.

Symmetra’s approach is designed to give individuals the insight and the tools to build their own and others’ inclusiveness. The program is crafted to appeal to all learning styles, giving participants the opportunity to listen, observe, practice and reflect, which is shown to develop long term behaviour change.

The Inclusion Skills Program is based on Symmetra’s Inclusion Competency Model, which addresses inclusion from the self insight level through to managing teams and influencing the organisation as a whole.



The Inclusion Skills Program begins with the Inclusion Leadership Index 360° assessment followed by individual or group debriefs. Then a customised program is built from the individual capability modules below which can be chosen to address specific developmental areas identified by the ILI group results.

  • Business case for inclusion
  • Counteracting unconscious bias
  • Manage myself and others inclusively
  • Work with groups and teams inclusively
  • Manage conflict inclusively
  • Leveraging diversity of thought for innovation
  • Make decisions inclusively
  • Championing inclusion as a leader
  • The process of inclusive facilitation

Building Internal Capability

The Inclusion Skills Program and ILI Assessment can be licensed for internal use through an accreditation (train the trainer) program, providing a highly scalable and sustainable solution for embedding inclusion in your organisation.