In the same way that the focus on demographic diversity has shifted to a focus on inclusion – the behaviours that allow this diversity to add value; so too is the conversation about diversity of thought and perspective moving towards a focus on the behaviours that will allow leaders to drive innovation. We call this Innoclusion™ – Innovation through Inclusion.

Innoclusion is the next step in evolution from inclusion. It focuses specifically on diversity of thought – which may arise from any form of diversity be it inherent or acquired during our lives and careers. Innoclusion is about addressing the values, behaviours and cultural climate that enable teams to leverage their diversity of thought to the maximum – creating a thinking, learning organisation that can apply innovation to any challenge.

Symmetra’s approach to Innoclusion is to build a blended solution for your organisation that combines assessment, development and experiential learning to create leaders and teams that are able to behave like entrepreneurs – seeking information from all sources, testing new ideas and learning  from their mistakes, create a climate where any idea can be challenged and debated in a spirit of continuous improvement, and also challenge cognitive biases that prevent us from seeing the value in novel approaches.