Diversity & Inclusion in India 2015 Forum

Key Note Session
Heather Price

Innoclusion™ – Achieving Innovation through Inclusion

Afternoon Plenary – 4pm -5.30pm October 8

The claim that diversity is linked to high performance has become a “throw away” almost ‘self-evident’ proposition.

The problem is not with the claim, but rather the attempts to motivate this through studies showing a correlation between diversity and improved financial performance of companies. What leaders however want to see is a proven causal-effect relationship between diversity and high performing, innovative teams – what Symmetra calls Innoclusion™, the achievement of innovation through inclusion.

This session, designed to change the way leaders think about inclusion, will display compelling evidence as to why diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams, how innovation and inclusion are inextricably interlinked – providing insight which will create a strong appetite in leaders to build Innoclusive capability across their organisations.