Inclusion for Virtual Teaming

Conscious Inclusion is more critical now than it has ever been, given the scale of complexity, uncertainty and interdependence experienced in the aftermath of the COVID-19 global crisis. Whilst everyone has been, understandably, acting out of survival instincts, this is also a time for embedding safety and belonging, re-invention, and practicing conscious decision-making.

We have developed these three virtual programs to equip you with the knowledge and practical tools to enable your teams to thrive in this new environment.


Each session runs for 90 minutes, is ideally run with intact teams, or could be run with cohorts of leaders.


We recommend all three workshops as part of a program, but each can be run as a standalone session as well.



Reinvention image


  • Inclusion as the critical ingredient for helping virtual teams to thrive in times of crisis
  • Discovering and exploiting new opportunities in a highly disrupted marketplace
  • Techniques for leveraging diversity of thought to reinvent ourselves in an extremely virtual world
Safety & Belonging

Safety & Belonging

  • Leading with “Head & Heart” for both wellbeing and business continuity
  • Maintaining connection, empathy and unity
  • Practical techniques for authentic dialogue about setback, fears and risks
Conscious Decision Making

Conscious Decision Making

  • Driving conscious decision making in the face of complexity and uncertainty
  • Equipping people with the insight and  skills to counteract unconscious bias and consider diverse voices when making decisions virtually

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Inclusion for Virtual Teaming.