Virtual Training

Group call on a laptop on a desk

The unstoppable advance of globalisation, technology and most recently COVID-19 has suddenly plunged the whole world into the largest work-from-home experiment ever conducted. Virtual teaming is the new norm.

This new norm means organisations and teams have to adapt their collaboration and leadership styles to the virtual context. Virtual teams can deliver equally outstanding performance as co-located teams, when managed well.

Symmetra’s new offering Inclusion for Virtual Teaming has been designed specifically to assist with this transition.

In a virtual context, changes organisations must adapt to include:

  • Threats to personal wellbeing
  • New ways of connecting and showing empathy
  • Balancing work and personal responsibilities and commitments
  • Communication and coordination challenges
  • perceptions of exclusion

… and more

Symmetra’s suite of Inclusion for Virtual Teaming programs are designed to help your teams maximise performance and thrive whilst working in this new context. And of course, this suite of programs is delivered virtually!

In addition, Symmetra offers a range of high impact, interactive and engaging virtual and online learning options for building diversity and inclusion capability:

  • Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is a highly effective substitute for classroom style and learning and can be attended by anyone from anywhere with an internet connection, webcam and headphones. Symmetra  ensures maximum participant activity and engagement, structuring our programs so participants are actively “doing” something at least every few minutes. Activities might include small group breakout rooms and discussions, online whiteboarding, polls and tests and chat rooms.
  • Webinars are used by Symmetra to substitute the traditional keynote event for communicating important messages to large audiences, whilst still allowing for great interactive options like polling and Q&A.
  • Online learning using Symmetra’s  E-Challenge platform is a fantastic way to deliver bite size learning, combined with toolkits, discussion guides and templates for teams to develop real-world action plans.
  • Inclusion Foundations is a revolutionary new scalable program from Symmetra for building inclusion and psychological safety in teams – driving innovation, agility and high performance. It combines digital delivery with leader-led, team based activities which can be done either in the virtual environment or in the real workplace, supported by a group of internal mentors coached by Symmetra.
  • FlexAgility program from Symmetra offers custom training specifically on getting the most out of your dispersed and flexible teams.
  • Video coaching and Nudge coaching is available with Symmetra’s inclusion experts. Video calling is extremely effective for building trust and rapport between coach and coachee – crucial for delivering effective outcomes and real behaviour change.


“Really well run, interesting and informative”

“Was a great virtual session – thank you”

It’s been great to receive training like this over VC and still being effectively engaged”

“Awesome that we didn’t cancel this and continued virtually – got people thinking and really engaged”

“This was really illuminating! I loved it!”

Nice experience and well orchestrated in a virtual environment.”

“Very informative session, practical takeaways to use”

Wonder program! I learnt new aspects about diversity, psychological safety and bias. Also wonderful way to collaborate with the team and feel connected using virtual technology.”