[WEBINAR] Measuring Inclusion to Create High Performing Teams and Organisations
Thursday 23rd August @ 11AM
(25 minutes + QA)

Inclusive leadership has evolved from a ‘nice to have’ approach for working with diverse employees, into a definitive capability that separates high performing teams and companies from the average. But how do you measure inclusion and utilise this data to actively drive behaviour change?

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These clients are measuring inclusion with Symmetra’s tools & solutions


  • A new definition of inclusion
    Explore a 21st century model of inclusion, that encompasses a range of performance and innovation driving behaviours – and the data we’ve gathered to validate it.
  • Key Inclusion Insights
    We’ve gathered insights on inclusion from thousands of people – we will share some of the common challenges and obstacles towards building inclusive cultures and teams
  • Inclusion Assessment Tools
    We have robust tools for measuring inclusion at the individual leader or team level – we will share how these tools are being used to drive change.

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Need tools to help you measure and take action on Inclusion?


Individual Assessment tool: Inclusive Leadership Index 360

  • Individual measure
  • Granular insight into individual strengths and challenges
  • Informs personalised and collective developmental plan for leaders to build inclusive capability
  • Ideal for tracking inclusion KPIs

Team Assessment tool: Team inclusion pulse

  • Team based measure
  • Highlights strengths, weaknesses, blind spots
  • Establishes joint accountability
  • Includes leader feedback component
  • Quick and easy to implement

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