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Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark Tool

This practical tool produced by the Diversity Collegium elicits answers to the primary questions – How does an organization know if its diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts are high quality and really worthwhile? And what are the standards to judge by? The GDIB is free to download and offers a comprehensive set of best practice standards.

Heather Price, CEO of Symmetra, is one of the global expert panellists who has been invited to contribute to the compilation of the best practice standards incorporated in this tool in the 2006, 2011 and 2014 versions.

Workplace Flexibility Video

Why is workplace flexibility not working? This video produced by Symmetra is a fun way to get the conversation started about flexibility in your workplace.

The Conundrum of Workplace Flexibility: Why do leaders advocate flexible work and then scorn those who use it? 

Symmetra’s white paper explores the findings from surveys of 473 senior executives worldwide, which reveal that negative bias towards flexible workers was found in 85% of organisations.

The substantive findings of our White Paper, contrast the leaders’ deep seated associations against empirical data and the Paper concludes that there is little or no objective evidence to support these negative biases against flexible workers.