Storytelling about the Future

Transform business communication and connect people to purpose, the future and each other through storytelling!

Leadership requires being able to tell a compelling story about the future.

Whether in the business, political or personal arena, we are all living through a time when the future seems more uncertain than ever. And for those Leaders who must be able to inspire their teams to adapt to a world of fast-paced technological change, ever-increasing diversity, exponential demands for innovation and to do more with less, this skill, the competency to engage and include all in the transformation occurring around them, has become a non-negotiable.

When a leader can tell a future story whose arc travels from the past to the present and how those lead to the future, they create a powerful frame in which organisational transformation can take place.

Bring your leaders with you to this unique opportunity to come and learn about the skill to create a compelling narrative from one of the world leaders on this subject – Murray Nossel, author of the bestseller Powered by Storytelling: Excavate, Craft and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication, who has worked with Fortune 500 leaders across the globe, and who is visiting from New York.