Engaging Executive Commitment

Creating a culture that values diversity and behaves inclusively starts at the top. But leaders have many strategic priorities that compete for their time and attention. As such, diversity and inclusion needs to be clearly and meaningfully aligned with the overall business strategy and presented in a way that is relevant for their particular context.

Symmetra offers a range of approaches to help your leaders make sense of what D&I means for the organisation and for them personally:

  • Conducting audits or needs analyses and presenting the most critical results for discussion
  • One-on-one discussions or inclusion coaching where we challenge leaders to think differently;
  • Diversity Imperative sessions that present a comprehensive business case;
  • Facilitating working sessions with executive teams to align their thinking on diversity and inclusion strategy;
  • Supporting leaders to engage and inspire others with a personal D&I Narrative
  • Formulating the right governance structures, measures and KPIs to ensure leadership accountability. 

Wherever your organisation is in its D&I journey and whatever level of exposure your leaders have had to the topic, we will help them find the reasons to be both excited and motivated to create an inclusive workplace and to seek out diversity in their teams.