D&I Workplace Policies and Procedures Review

Developing a sustainable inclusive and innovative culture requires the right policies, processes, communication and symbolic frameworks in place. Organisations that effectively embed diversity and inclusion at a systemic level are up to 3 times more likely to be on track to achieve their D&I goals (i4cp, 2018).

Symmetra applies a triple lens analysis of the organisational ecosystem and key touchpoints in the employee lifecycle where diversity can be leveraged to add value. This analysis identifies key strengths and gaps between current state and leading practices:

> Unconscious Bias: Examines for potential decision making “touch points” that could be particularly vulnerable to unconscious bias.

> Inclusion and Innovation: Ensures that your systems take into account inclusion and fairness principles as well as an explicit approach to leveraging diversity of thought to drive innovation and performance.

> Strategic alignment: We ensure that your D&I processes exist not just for their own sake but are designed to make a direct and meaningful contribution to core organisational strategy.

We apply this analysis to 8 dimensions of your organisational systems, which covers everything from talent lifecycles and governance, to customer and supplier connections. This holistic view ensures inclusion is truly embedded into “business as usual.”