Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development

Symmetra works with organisations at all stages of the diversity and inclusion journey to develop clear and actionable strategy to attract diversity and create inclusion. We build strategies that have clear alignment with the overarching business goals of the organisation so that D&I does not get stuck being perceived as a ‘side initiative’ but rather something that enables, or adds to, core objectives.

As your strategic diversity and inclusion advisor, Symmetra will engage all your key stakeholders in a proven process that builds successful inclusion strategies: 

  1. Conduct scalable diagnostics to identify your key challenges and opportunities, considering both your internal and external business environment
  2. Assess senior leaders and their teams for readiness to lead inclusively
  3. Work consultatively with key stakeholders to develop a strategy with firm commitment and ownership
  4. Benchmark your organisation against global best practice

We’ll identify the impact of D&I not just on your ability to attract, retain and develop talent, but also your ability to innovate, manage risk, win market share, engage communities, and collaborate effectively across functions and borders.