Sydney Thought Leadership Event – Tues 28th November: Do we have the courage to really “think, act and do; Diversity?”

Australia is at the cusp of some of the most significant changes bearing down on business, industry and academia. The world beyond our borders is facing the consequences from decades of neglect and ignorance. AusTTa is bringing together the brightest thinkers in our midst to engage in a discussion about the future of diversity and our capacity (and motivation) to have the courage to reach it.

The purpose of this thought leadership event is to kick off the Diversity Guild and to get some actions in place for the 2018 year for AusTTA events and practice in Diversity. This is a working (thinking) meal where we want to have a really honest and robust conversation to consider the topic of “Courage to act” from differing perspectives including “What does it mean to be diverse in 2018 and beyond” and “What is preventing diversity from reaching those goals”?

This special event is hosted by Trish Nicklin and Adam Salzer – from AusTTa with special guest collaborators – Heather Price, CEO of Symmetra and Stephen Rothgeisser, MD of The Change Consulting Group.

Collaborator Bios: 

Heather Price

Stephen Rothgeisser

Adam Salzer

Trish Nicklin