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Developing DEI strategies and plans that actually work

Although leading organisations heavily invest to improve workplace inclusion, many fail to develop outcomes-focused strategies that provide meaningful results.

We combine a range of organisational diagnostics and global expertise to help shape actionable DEI strategies that have been proven to build equitable and inclusive workplaces.

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Ensuring DEI is at the forefront of your systems, policies, and processes

To build an inclusive environment, DEI needs to be integral to the design of all your talent and people processes.

Our DEI consultants help you diagnose and develop concrete action plans that transform organisational norms, structures, and systems to embed equity and inclusion into your organisation.

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Getting leaders to buy into DEI initiatives

To avoid tokenistic efforts and organisational apathy, a successful DEI strategy must have genuine senior leadership buy-in.

We provide help leaders connect DEI to organizational and individual purpose, and develop customised roadmaps to measure, benchmark, and develop leaders’ inclusive behaviours.

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Establishing inclusive behaviors and habits in your organisation that last

Despite their efforts, many organisations fail to ingrain the everyday behaviors that create an environment where everyone feels included and has a sense of belonging.

We work with our clients to provide relevant, practical, and scalable development programs that make inclusion a consistent part of leadership and team behaviours.

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Creating a company that attracts, develops, and retains underrepresented talent

Increasing evidence shows that despite significant investments in DEI initiatives, many organisations need to make more progress in increasing diversity in their ranks.

We help our clients build cultures that value diverse backgrounds and perspectives and systems that successfully prioritise the attraction, growth, and development of ALL people.

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Our Global Solutions

Symmetra’s diversity and inclusion end-to-end consulting services build:

Inclusive & Equitable Systems

We help companies analyse their systems, policies, and procedures, and re-design them to be rooted in inclusivity using diagnostic tools that identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities at an organisational level.

Inclusive Leadership

Our proven training and assessment tools help inform and build inclusive leadership capability among leaders at all levels to help organisations achieve their DEI goals.

Inclusive Teams and Cultures

We offer teams a multitude of DEI tools, training solutions, scalable digital programs, and assessment tools that help build the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary to build inclusive workspaces.

Why Symmetra?

For over 20 years Symmetra has been driven by our passion to build inclusive environments, supporting companies around the world to embed sustainable and scalable solutions. Our global team of DEI experts takes an empirically driven, whole-systems approach to create strategies and solutions that foster equity and inclusion, leverage diversity, enhance recruitment and retention, and ultimately increase performance and innovation.

Symmetra, By the Numbers

We assist organisations, across every industry, to leverage diversity, boost accessibility, and ultimately unleash their full human capital.

Increase in women in key Management positions over 3 years


Improvement in perceptions that diversity is leveraged to benefit the organisation


Improvement in employee engagement, well-being, and sustainability indices

Symmetra’s Expert Video Series

Video insight from leading authorities on the most important DEI issues today, as well as strategies and solutions to support your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Symmetra Connect

Can’t miss in-person and virtual events that offer critical discussions on DEI issues and introduce best practices for building an inclusive workplace.

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