of job seekers regarding an organisation's dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a primary part of their job search

Inclusive hiring is a strategic necessity


Rather than a moral requirement, it’s now a requirement for effectively competing for talent and creating an outstanding candidate experience.

An equitable approach to selection allows for equal access to opportunities, ultimately resulting in a stronger organisation that rewards all talent.


Benefits of Inclusive Hiring

Organisations that embrace Inclusive Hiring and move beyond the traditional concept of ‘culture fit’ to ‘culture add’ and values alignment, stand to achieve the following strategic benefits:

Innovation Catalyst
Inclusive hiring transforms diversity from a metric to a strategic advantage, driving innovation through diverse perspectives and ideas.
Global Competitiveness
Organisations leveraging inclusive hiring practices are positioned for success in a rapidly evolving global economy, attracting top talent and staying ahead of the competition.
Employee Engagement and Retention
Inclusive hiring contributes to a workplace culture where all employees feel valued, increasing commitment, retention, and overall satisfaction.
Risk Mitigation
By addressing biases and fostering an inclusive culture, organisations reduce the risk of discrimination, legal challenges, and reputational damage.
Future-Proofed Talent Pipeline
A commitment to inclusive hiring ensures a diverse and dynamic talent pool, ready to adapt to the evolving needs of the organisation and its customers.

Transformative value of inclusive hiring

Explore the transformative value that inclusive hiring can bring to your organisation with our complimentary Inclusive Hiring Roadmap.

Uncover how each segment delivers significant strategic insights, providing the potential to transform organisations and offering practical guidelines for implementation.

Make Your Talent Systems More Inclusive

Embedding inclusion into how an organisation attracts and makes talent decisions, along with leaders taking responsibility for these decisions, will profoundly impact workplace diversity, culture, and overall organisational performance. Symmetra assists global organisations in identifying and implementing best practices for inclusion at any stage in the talent lifecycle.

Inclusive Hiring Best Practice Guidelines

Maximise talent diversity and minimise bias through inclusive recruitment practices.

Empower your organisation with comprehensive solutions spanning Developing Effective Hiring Strategies, Fostering Inclusive Selection, and building an inclusive brand, propelling you towards an equitable, innovative, and standout workplace.

Learning Bites

Quick and impactful learning with our Learning Bites—each lasting 15 minutes or less offering a high-value learning experience. Delivered in a concise, accessible, and convenient format, it includes interactive games, videos, self-reflection, and action planning.

Package of Three Modules (choose three of the below)

  • Building a Diverse Organisation
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Bias in the Pipeline
  • Inclusive Hiring
  • Respect at Work

Digital Bias Disruptors

Explore the Impact of Unconscious Biases on Recruitment, Promotion, and Organisational Dynamics.

Gain insights into their effect on individuals, teams, and the organisation, while addressing issues like the merit problem, group think risks, and the influence of group dynamics.

Inclusive Hiring Workshops

Through a series of two customised virtual workshops, up to 25 participants pinpoint areas of improvement in your hiring process and develop the essential skills needed to become effective, influential advocates for inclusive hiring throughout the organisation. (In-person delivery priced upon request).

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