Our Story

We live and work in an interconnected, global marketplace where diversity, equity and inclusion is a global challenge. Symmetra is one of the most trusted and respected global providers of end-to-end diversity and inclusion services.

We are passionate about two things:

• Helping our clients transform to achieve their purpose and performance through inclusion
• Ensuring everybody has a fair opportunity to actualise their potential and experience a sense of belonging at work.

We achieve this by helping our clients build workplaces where diversity is treated as an asset, everyone is treated fairly and diverse voices are heard and considered.

Symmetra was founded in 2003 by Heather Price, whose unique skills and experience were acquired in launching one of the first and most influential diversity consultancies in post-apartheid South Africa. After relocating to Sydney, Heather built a dynamic team of multidisciplinary consultants to design and deliver a range of cutting-edge diversity and inclusion products and services.

Through its dedicated and passionate consultants, commitment to service excellence and continuously evolving and innovative approach, Symmetra quickly became a leading global name in diversity and inclusion, working across a range of industries with blue chip multinational clientele, global NGOs and large government agencies.

As the field of Diversity and Inclusion has evolved, being increasingly recognised as a key driver of performance, so too has Symmetra. We continuously invest in staying ahead of emerging diversity and inclusion challenges & opportunities that we know our clients should be thinking about, offering the same fresh perspectives and thought leadership we always have.