Aleksandra Stamatović

Coming from Belgrade, Serbia, Aleksandra is multilingual, fluent in Serbian, English, and Italian. Her passion for languages blossomed early on, guiding her towards an academic journey in linguistics, literature, and education, culminating in the attainment of a BA and MA in Italian Studies. While Aleksandra initially aspired to become a University professor, her career trajectory took a different turn as she embarked on collaborations with international companies shortly after her university days. ​

Since 2016, Aleksandra’s professional journey has been marked by significant achievements with international companies, mainly from the United States and Europe. In this new arena, her linguistic expertise, coupled with robust organizational and leadership abilities, swiftly established her as an invaluable asset to these global organizations.​

Throughout her trajectory, she’s showcased an exceptional versatility and ability to adapt. From leading intimate teams of merely three to steering large-scale projects of over 200 members, she’s embraced a spectrum of roles: HR Manager, SAP Consultant, Customer Support Lead, Project Manager, and Content Editor. Her expertise encompasses sectors like web design, online banking, marketing agencies, an e-mobility start-up, and a cosmetic lab. Crucially, she thrives in environments that are agile, open to innovation, and ready to embrace change.​

What truly sets Aleksandra apart is her genuine passion for remote work. It’s this zeal that enables her to form robust connections with global entities such as Symmetra, collaborating with dedicated individuals scattered across the globe, all unified under a compelling mission. Her ability to foster and maintain these global relationships speaks volumes about her adaptability and commitment to championing inclusive, cross-border initiatives.