Andleen Razzaq

Andleen, is an internationally based corporate trainer, Licensed Master Coach and Certified Business Coach-Consultant and a former educator who brings her vast international experience to the Symmetra team.

She focuses on peak performance, team cultures, employing the right mindset, raising overall consciousness and self-empowerment with a portfolio of work on diverse and inclusive leadership, effective communication and emotional management with global and local organisations such as Standard Chartered Bank, Schlumberger, UNHCR, AIA and Elect Her to name a few.

Having lived and worked in the UK, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, her unique understanding of different cultures and varying identities have attracted clients ranging from corporate directors to those who are change agents in the world.

As a former Senior Adviser to the UK Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government, Andleen worked with diverse and diaspora communities to develop inclusive cultures through policy work. One of her first DEI projects was with the Metropolitan Police over a decade ago to facilitate community cohesion. She is also an experienced Principal Lead Facilitator for two nationwide projects in the UK that seek to train women to take on relevant leadership positions within their work and communities and to specifically lead Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) wanting to work in political office.

Andleen has a passion for DEI work that leads to lasting behavioral change through courageous conversations, open dialogue and an alignment of personal and organisational values, driving results for over twenty years. She remains active in a number of philanthropic ventures that take her all over the world and enriches her work further.