Andy Chan

Andy brings intuitive insights and incisive perspectives to the Symmetra team from 25 years of a people development career that has spanned  geographical, industrial and demographic boundaries.

In this largely interconnected world, tenets on culture and diversity can either be a blessing or a curse, a leg up or a hindrance, a breath of fresh air or plain profanity. Leadership is the casting vote and thus, it is the space in which Andy aspires to add real value.

Born in Hong Kong, educated and lived for many years in the UK, and now residing in Singapore, Andy has extensive work experience across Europe and Asia, driven by his keen interest in human consciousness, conscious inclusion and optimising collaboration in the workplace which he continues to cultivate through his core pursuit in leadership development.

His early in-house experience with the manufacturing and telecommunications industries has triggered his grounding in the systematic process of training, as well as piqued his interest in personal growth. He has evolved into a masterful facilitator and coach, having worked with thousands of leaders from the C-suite to middle management, from countries such as UK, Germany, China, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines, in a wide range of sectors, including Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Finance, Global Conglomerates, Technologies, etc., honing his practice through his mantra of “Making you think; Helping you do”.

Andy’s lived experience as one of few whilst residing in a Western culture, and one of many once again in Asia, provides him with unique wisdom and skills in understanding diverse perspectives, traversing differences in the workplace and optimising collaboration of diverse teams.