Carly Wilkinson

An accomplished specialist in organisational and leadership development, Carly has a diverse career spanning over twenty years. Her expertise in executive facilitation, coaching, and design has been instrumental in driving organisation wide cultural transformation, nurturing leadership development, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. She has worked global clients from a range of sectors, including legal, financial services, technology, insurance, logistics, FMCG, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, including industry leaders like Facebook, Microsoft, Unilever, IAG, Credit Suisse, and AMP.

Establishing the Digital Team at Symmetra, Carly and her team have developed a broad suite of impactful digital and scalable learning solutions successfully bridging the gap between traditional face-to-face interactions and digital learning, while promoting significant behavioural change.

In her commitment to align a conscious leadership approach with purpose, Carly has a proven record of enhancing leaders’ performance and assisting organisations in achieving their objectives sustainably, thereby nurturing cultures of excellence.

With a robust Human-Centred Design approach at the core of her practice, Carly leverages human insight to deliver customer-centric solutions that prioritise the user experience. She excels in devising innovative learning experiences, including micro-learning, digital toolkits, curated exploratory pathways, triggered learning, and unique semi-synchronous expertly facilitated experiences like Symmetra’s Inclusion Foundations.

Having worked internationally in the United Kingdom, USA, Asia and with not-for-profits in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Costa Rica, Carly has a passion for living and working with diverse cultures and people. Travelling extensively, she loves to immerse herself in the lived experience of others and brings this curiosity to her client projects.

Carly lives in Sydney with her family spending most of her time chasing her kids on the beach.