Cecille Heath

As a Senior Consultant of Symmetra for many years Cecille brings 20 years of seasoned experience with consulting, account management, training , facilitation, coaching and workshop design to the skill set of the Symmetra team.

She has delivered D & I solutions to a wide range of Symmetra’s blue chip clients( private, public and ASX listed) and her energetic , passionate and intelligent style combined with Symmetra’s world class tools and processes acts as an effective catalyst for change in the mindset and behaviours of all leadership she touches.

Cecille’s impact is enhanced by her deep experience as a communications skill specialist having worked in a broad range of areas in leadership development such as Coaching, Crucial Conversations, Managing People, Performance Management, Executive Presence, Boardroom Impact, Presenting to the Top etc

She also has extensive experience in sales force effectiveness built upon her experience in operational roles in ITC in her early career.

Her aim is always to work with leaders to assist them in achieving behavioural change so the impact provides a tangible business outcome.

Cecille’s approach is informed by concepts from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and mindset/attitude alongside world best practice tools and techniques. She combines this with her prior corporate life experience to bring to out the best in people when coaching one on one or group facilitation.