Deb Assheton

Deb has extensive experience and a proven track record, whilst holding executive line as well as support roles across blue chip corporates, leading large and diverse teams to achieve substantial and enduring engagement, customer experience and sales results. She has over 15 years’ experience in senior leadership and executive positions in large organisations including hands-on experience of start-up’s, mergers, rapid business growth and contraction, and cultural transformation.

Deb’s frontline leadership and operational experience spans insurance, telecommunications, education and retail giving her a deep understanding of how inclusive leadership drives employee engagement, and advocacy or detraction in a diverse consumer market.

Independent of her executive roles, Deb has over ten years’ experience in leadership and personal development coaching, which includes supporting and training executives to lead and motivate diverse workforces. She lives a deep commitment to personal growth, with more than 15 years of personal development work and brings a genuine understanding of how human behaviour contributes to personal and business effectiveness. This underpins Deb’s outstanding skills and high impact in training, facilitation, coaching and consulting.

For organisations and individuals looking to Symmetra to drive inclusive, high performing cultures, Deb brings a unique set of skills to our team, including deep operational experience combined with a massive personal passion to remove the obstacles (personal and systemic) that may prevent any person from realising their full potential, regardless of their background.