Dr. Tom Bourdon

Tom is an organizational leader, consultant and coach who has served at the helm of multiple Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), social justice, LGBTQIA+, and education-focused organization with over two decades of experience in corporate, non-profit, higher education and the government sectors, he is able to apply his expertise to a multitude of diversity, equity, and inclusion-related areas.

He is also a subject matter expert in LGBTQIA+ issues, with early-career experience as Director of LGBT Centers at UCLA, NYU and Tufts University as well as being the former Executive Director of Greater Boston PFLAG.

Tom is highly sought after as a consultant, trainer, educator and coach because of his unique style: culturally competent, genuine, intelligent, fun to work with, and passionate about creating positive change.

Tom received his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University, his Masters of Education from UCLA, and his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Babson College. He also holds a certification in Life Coaching from New York University.