Em Roblin

As a member of the Symmetra team, Em brings a wealth of experience in end- to- end account management, solution design, facilitation and coaching with particular depth and insight into D & I in Asia.

She helps people seek their potential, awaken to new possibility and understand that the problem isn’t the problem. She passionately creates experiences that empower people to step into their uniqueness and grow into more inclusive leaders, partners, parents, colleagues, friends, and community members. Originally from Toronto, Canada, with 15 years living in the fast-growing Asia region, Em partners with top organizations and courageous, incredible individuals from around the world who are committed to personal mastery so they can leave what they touch better than they found it.

Em has an expertise in inclusion, and specifically in localizing inclusion and diversity strategy and programming into different markets as well as piloting new experiences in places less familiar with the concepts. Based out of Beijing for well over a decade, she’s been a real pioneer of the work in China.

Em has also focused on women’s leadership and has worked to break through challenges faced by leading organizations as well as digging deep into how to truly thrive as women, leaders, and role models. It’s in noticing what parts of ourselves we’ve had to suppress up to now, reconnecting to our free spirit, finding ways to boldly bring forward who we really are, and leading with love.

She’s known for her authentic approach in how she integrates work and life. She is the proud mom to three children and was honored to be recognized by the Beijing All China Women’s Federation as “the best international family” in 2018. Em has recently relocated her family to Bali, Indonesia after she had been on a sabbatical there in early 2020 and unable to return to China given the pandemic.