Florence Ainsworth

As a certified international executive coach in the facilitation and leadership space, Florence specialises in supporting people to create healthy, “heart smart” vital relationships and environments that go beyond the bottom-line, with the mindset and belief that every individual on the planet has unique talents and is purposed to build a more inclusive and sustainable future at work, in life, and in community.

Florence designs a wide variety of programs and workshops, from leadership and mindset to DEI and cognitive bias that aim to guide people towards positive and effective outcomes in all aspects of their lives. Her work has been trusted within NGOs and global organisations such as Nike, Patagonia, Fugro, Danone, UNHCR, UNICEF, The Rainforest Alliance, and The World Business Council for sustainable development.

Florence is particularly focused on nurturing the next generation of diverse leaders, entrepreneurs and creators from marginalised backgrounds and much of her endeavours work towards transforming cultures and harnessing the potential to cultivate working environments that are aligned with DEI values.

In previous work spanning three decades in international organisations including Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Asics, Florence led diverse and inclusive teams to successfully develop sustainable product strategies with full P&L KPIs.

Through much of this work, Florence became aware of the injustice in exclusion, the complexities of hearing and speaking the truth without isolating others, and the importance of embracing DEI values to harness potential and transform perspectives, beliefs and cultures. These experiences further inspired her purpose to support people in their individual and collective quests to find their flow, do their best work and live their best life.

Outside of work Florence is a free-spirited artist at heart – she creates clay sculptures, sketches and swims in freshwater lakes.