Inna Korablina

With a fusion of innovation and cross-cultural experience of 16 years, Inna has navigated a career path marked by remarkable achievements and transformative strategies. With a visionary leadership style honed through orchestrating teams across LATAM for entire brands of Page Group, Inna has consistently championed innovation, tailored campaigns with cultural acumen, and harnessed the power of growth hacking. Having overseen teams in various countries and with a personal background of living in different cultures and extensive travel, Inna possesses a natural understanding of global market dynamics. Her expertise extends globally, evidenced by strategies that reached across North America and Europe, reflecting a profound capacity to merge diverse perspectives into cohesive and impactful campaigns.​

Her pivotal role as a Regional Head of Digital, Web & Data at Page Group, where she managed digital strategies across 8 countries, speaks to her ability to synthesize multifaceted viewpoints into impactful omnichannel strategies with a customer-centric approach.​

With multifaceted knowledge spanning data analytics, frond-end development, growth hacking, customer lifecycle strategies, and team leadership, Inna has orchestrated digital transformations at every step. With a keen focus on data-driven decision-making, she has also been instrumental in shaping the digital global strategy.​

Inna’s published contributions include papers related to the inclusion of social opinion in government decisions and the regulation of author rights in the digital era, adding an academic dimension to her dynamic expertise. By blending empirical knowledge in PR and Laws with hands-on digital and IT experience, Inna is uniquely positioned to craft pioneering strategies that drive business growth and empower teams to surpass conventional boundaries.​

Inna has demonstrated her adeptness in devising budget-aligned marketing strategies, elevating brand recognition, and leading executive units in roles such as General Executive Director and Growth Officer at GCX (a group of marketing agencies) and Marketing Director at Tecom Viajes, among others.​

With visionary potential, Inna is a driving force in promoting the potential of inclusive leadership and diverse teams to break barriers and achieve unprecedented heights of success. Her values serve as a beacon for innovation, paving the way for a transformation in the corporate world.