Leandro Dias

Leandro specializes in the management of corporate diversity. He understands how to maximise the business benefits of diversity and incorporates those processes while handling and managing reports in Business Intelligence SAP BW and HR modules. The preparation of annual strategic plans and executive bonuses include this aspect as well as analysing sales performance, profitability and cost of the product/service.

Leandro also prepares motivational campaigns and training for sales and human resources. He has been responsible for volunteer management, fundraising and accountability for social projects and micro enterprises. His experience extends to location and customization of modules for BO and Loans Banking Products in Brazil, support in BW and Related Bank Analyser activities. Preparation and execution of test cases of localized products to the Brazilian Market. Strategic Planning for the PPP program (tasks, schedules, budgets, goals) and realization of PFI (Project Finance International) for financial transactions with the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the development of the PPP Program.

In addition Leandro has been responsible for implementation of knowledge management and training programs for public PPP’s. He has engineered meetings with government officials, multilateral agencies and private sector representatives to promote the development of institutional networks.

He has international experience in countries in South America, Europe and Scandinavia in the areas of HR, Diversity and Funding.