Liliana Cantú

Liliana Cantú is a native Mexican and has a BS degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in International Communication. She also holds the Intercultural Foundations Certificate awarded by the Intercultural Communication Institute.

For over 15 years, Liliana has specialized in the design and customization of intercultural, global leadership, teambuilding, ethics and diversity training, in English and Spanish, which she has also delivered to a wide array of audiences, live and virtually through different technological platforms.

Liliana has participated in several diversity and inclusion projects at corporations such as Toyota, PepsiCo, Daimler-Chrysler, Bayer and John Deere. She has collaborated in the development of long-term diversity and inclusion initiatives and in the design and delivery of D&I training programs, with successful results particularly on gender issues. The Toyota plant in Tijuana, Mexico, tripled their female participation in certain production areas in 2 years and has innovated on different gender policies that have had positive outcomes in female retention and participation. She is a Collegium Expert Panelist for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks, a publication of global scope by Alan Richter and Julie O’Mara that gathers some of the best practices for D&I.

Liliana frequently trains multicultural teams on how to work effectively across cultures and holds a certification for the use and application of the Global Teams Assessment tool by Aperian Global. She has also participated as a co-trainer in Conflict Resolution programs.

Liliana has performed as a part time university professor at one of the most prestigious institutions in Latin America: the ITESM (commonly known as Monterrey Tech), where she has taught intercultural communication courses to national and international students, in Spanish and English.

She is a working mother of two, and lives in Monterrey, Mexico.