Liru Wang

Liru is a seasoned executive coach and facilitator with 25 years of corporate leadership, business operation, and management experience. She helps professionals who hold national, regional or international roles to better understand the meaning of the world they are in so that they can grow into stronger, more inclusive, leaders. Many of Liru’s clients are working in multinational companies and have strategic responsibilities for China, Asia, and/or are part of high performing global teams. They are motivated, intelligent, and hardworking. They want to develop themselves, grow their business, and transform lives. Liru works with such individuals and teams to identify the mindsets and behaviors that may be holding them back from fully expressing themselves and empowering their teams.

As an executive with 25 years of global multinational companies in the pharmaceutical production, food production, biotech, and agricultural industries, Liru has vast experience in leadership and management. She has held roles as Managing Director & General Manager, Senior Manager of China Region, Director of International Business, Director of Genetic Research Lab, Founder & Founding President China Chapter, and scientific patent holder.

As a woman leader, she has been active throughout her career to advocate for women. Internally, she has launched ERGs, been active in mentoring and sponsorship, and mastered skills to be an inclusive leader. Externally, she has been a key member of the Inner Circles team working on women in leadership programs and coaching engagements for over 5 years. And she has been working as a consultant with Symmetra since 2020. Her knowledge in the D&I sector and across many industries and countries are invaluable for EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) projects.

Liru holds many certifications including Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from ICF, Certified Professional Soft-Skill Trainer (TFT) from the International Institute for Educational Services (IIES) & International Coaching Association certified program (ICA). She is a Practitioner and Facilitator for Bridge to Hope, North American Chapter. Liru holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Dalhousie University and has done Post-Doctoral research at the University of Alberta.

With global experience, Liru has lived and worked in China, Canada, Japan, and Singapore for Chinese, Canadian, Japanese, US, and Dutch organizations. Now, she lives with her family in Edmonton, Canada, close to the Rocky Mountains.