Michael Hardtmann

With roots in North America and Europe, and experience living and working in a half dozen countries across three continents, Michael brings extensive diversity of experience and thought to the Symmetra team. He embodies and embraces the value of diversity in business and is passionate about leveraging the individual perspectives, contributions and approaches of each member of team or organisation, for their collective interest and benefit.

After having majored in biology and minored in psychology, he travelled the world working in the pharmaceutical, fast-moving consumer goods, consulting and service sectors. Just prior to the turn of the millennium, Michael connected his passion for people with his strengths in communicating, seeing options and adapting to individual needs by entering the management development field as a trainer and a coach.

Over the last 1/4 century, Michael has been helping clients in the world of international business, in industries as far-ranging as automotive, pharmaceuticals, financial and IT services to recognise the value of their unique people, and to unleash the potential of their diversified teams. With a balanced focus on both the leadership and team aspects of leveraging diversity for performance, Michael trains, coaches and facilitates integrative practices at every level of the organisation, as well as giving keynote speeches on topics such as change, inclusion and leadership.

Michael has co-organised and co-led the Global Community Dialogue on Diversity, Leadership and Social Change since its inception nearly 15 years ago. This open space forum meets regularly to bring together thought leaders in the area of diversity, inclusion and leadership from around the world in an effort to gain insights, exchange perceptions and share best practices for doing good in a connected world.

When not engaging with people, Michael can generally be found outdoors, engaging in a broad variety of active sports or tending his bees, or indoors cooking and baking. And most often, and most importantly, together with his wife and partner of twenty years.