Nanette Orsini

Marie Antoinette Orsini (AKA Nanette Orsini) is a passionate trainer, process consultant and coach. Mother of 3, married to a Canadian, born in North Africa, from a Spanish mother and Italian father, Nanette has had a rich diverse lived experience which positions her to work with Symmetra’s clients on embedding inclusion with passion and authenticity.

She loves partnering with managers and executives to “create the culture” they wish to see alive in their organization. She focusses on creating future- fit leaders and has recently been working on helping managers adjust their style to the requirement of the New Normal and the hybrid work setting.

Right after university she worked at the United Nations, Center for Human Rights in Geneva, processing cases of enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in Latin America.

Her work has always been international, at all levels across the hierarchy in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America as well as Africa. In addition to the private sector, she works with CERN, World Economic Forum, as well as United Nations agencies such as the UNICEF, the International Labor Organization and the World Health organization.

She has collaborated with the World trade Organization/ITC, training consultants from developing countries to develop their ability to advice local clients in strengthening their capability to export, in countries such a Turkey, Ghana, Kenya, Jordan, Bolivia. She delivers leadership courses to the Union of European Football Association in their Diplomas on football Leadership and Management.

Nanette was introduced to training working at Pecos River Learning Centers (PRLC) located in Santa Fe New Mexico where she helped adapt the curriculum to French and Italian audiences.

At the Center for Applied Studies in International Negotiations, Geneva, Switzerland she prepared delegations for multilateral negotiation in the World Trade Organization and Mediated encounters between private companies, international organizations and pressure groups on Public Affairs issues, biotechnology, combination drugs, pesticides, environment, consumer affairs. Her interest in this field is still active, encouraging dialogues where interests and positions may appear unsurmountable. She believes in the fundamental drive for individuals to connect, collaborate, include and to build a better future for all together.