Samir A. Keck

Samir is driven by the passion of contributing to a world where inclusive workspaces create products that serve the planet and all human beings.

Training and facilitation came early into his life and he learned from very experienced trainers as well as from going through diverse workshops and development programs himself. He majored in organisational psychology and participated in two trainer educations, as well as other formats like NLP practitioner and non- violent communication. It is very important for him to have real life experience about the topics he is training and facilitating. Thus, he build his career keeping trainings as one driving force while getting new experiences in other roles.

After his first full time job in the national board of a global NGO, being accountable for all people and culture related topics, he moved further away from people topics. For five years he worked as a sales consultant for IT hardware in a traditional corporate environment and build his own leadership development company at the same time.

Being fascinated by the new work movement he moved into the tech scene, working there years as an agile coach and functional lead at Zalando as well as Domain lead for Flixbus being accountable for the whole software development process of operations. His last role was leading a coaching start up in the people and culture area to create an inclusive workspace where diversity and equity lead to high performance.

He experienced the challenge of leading DE&I topics not only as a trainer and manager but also as person himself. He is born in Sri Lanka with a German and Indian family, grew up in Germany, studied in Spain and worked in diverse countries around the globe.