Satwant Kaur

Satwant Kaur comes to Symmetra with an established track record as a skilled consultant, facilitator and executive coach working for over twenty-five years specialising in the area of global diversity and inclusion, organisational development, cultural change and leadership programmes. She is highly regarded as a coach and facilitator to Chief Executive/Country Directors, Senior Managers and teams leading on scoping, design and programme delivery on a global basis. Satwant has worked in South East Asia, EMEA, Africa and the Americas with clients from the corporate, public, and non-governmental organisations.​

Satwant brings to the Symmetra team her lived experience, expertise and academic rigour. Having worked across a range of sectors including financial, professional services, media, retail, engineering, arts, culture, humanitarian and international development, government agencies, higher education, health sector alongside European institutions such as European Parliament and the European Commission. She is recognised as somebody who has a passion for success and as an innovative, challenging thinker whose personal style enables her to work in a collegiate style alongside her clients through the difficult issues they face.​

In her facilitation practice Satwant operates with compassion and human spirit in creating safe and trusted spaces where groups/participants can address systemic inclusion, equality and equity. She works through a systemic lens and her work is relationship based around exploring dialogical methods of inquiry and interventions to achieve inclusive workplaces and cultures. Satwant has a passion for working with diverse learners and people in their professional development. This is complemented by a desire to empower learners with an intellectual appetite for increased self-awareness, knowledge and creating a platform for learning edge and curiosity. ​

Satwant has extensive experience in the field of Organisational Development. Her approach lends itself to working with small group interventions alongside large scale ones. She worked as an Organisational Development and Inclusion Consultant on a global transformational project focusing on Middle East and Southern Africa that resulted in high impact and effective engagement on transformational change and culture. Her in-depth understanding of group and human system dynamics and detailed observation is paramount to inclusion work. In addition, she served as a Faculty Member of the Global Gender Justice Programme for Oxfam that provided an international platform on gender-based programmes through an intersectional lens.​

Satwant has coached global leaders in developing their competencies in building high performing inclusive and diverse teams within complex work environments. A critical part of Satwant’s coaching practice is based on the belief that everyone can work through their opportunities/challenges that they face, and her role is to help facilitate that journey through a series of coaching conversations. Her coaching style is based on empowering clients by raising awareness of their strengths whilst at the time creating a safe space for reflection, development, expression and commitment to action. She brings an innate energy and passion and, demonstrates a pragmatic approach working with leaders to progress their journey of change deploying a range of coaching techniques including Gestalt principles of ’wholism.’ ​

Outside of work Satwant enjoys reading, yoga and spending time with her two young nieces.