Sonny Solitario

As a full-time Virtual Assistant, I specialize in providing tailor-fitted administrative support and training management services to businesses and entrepreneurs. With over 15 years of experience I have worked with clients across various industries (e.g. cable providers, healthcare companies, BPO’s, etc.). I honed my skills in administrative tasks, managing and coordinating training programs, streamlining processes and optimizing productivity to promote the seamless flow of operations and produce measurable results.

I started my career in the BPO industry way back 2009 wherein I was a technical support representative. I was promoted as a program trainer 2 years after and that became the stepping stone for me to be a training leader a year after. I oversaw the training management of 4 major clients including Telco, Internet Service Providers, Travel and Healthcare. During peak seasons, I would have 20-25 trainers under my wing whom I would monitor and mentor in terms of class facilitation and training delivery. We would do a range of training-related tasks which include research, material creation, data analysis, coaching, mentoring, etc.

After leaving my 10-year training career with Convergys/Concentrix I became the CEO/co-founder of Sprintuality Corporation, a BPO company. We started with 9 agents and grew to 60 in over a year. This experience helped me acquire significant learning in terms of administrative work including Sourcing and Recruitment, Finance and Accounting, HR and Legal Process, Sales and Marketing, and staffing. It further increased my capacity when it comes to handling adversities in different aspects of the business and honed me to be resourceful when it comes to finding solutions.

I landed my first freelancing job as an Operation Support Specialist for a Healthcare company specializing in Covid Testing and Vaccines. We initially supported back-office needs which mainly covered ID management. Four months later, I was promoted as a Supervisor and was tasked to oversee my own team. The peak of the pandemic paved the way for our scope of support to increase drastically. My experience in change management handling adversity played a pivotal role in ensuring our daily deliverables are met.