Tess Tholstrup

Tess is a passionate, experienced and effective Organisational Psychologist who specialises in working with individuals, intact teams and entire organisations in creating organisations that leaders are proud to lead today and feel confident that their leadership style and good business nous will create a legacy for future leaders and employees.
Tess has spent some 1,700 hours of her career, coaching people from a wide variety of industry sectors, countries and levels within organisations. Tess specialises in creating conversations were leaders learn how to communicate more effectively, build trust, deal with cynicism and resistance, learn how to self-reflect, hold people accountable and become more aware of how to collaborate and build relationships across organisations.
Tess is also adept at debriefing 360 instruments such as The Leadership Circle (TLC), Birkman Career Assessment and the Life Style Inventories (LSI). She has facilitated and co-designed many leadership workshops (multiple repeat training and one off issues training for intact teams), designed and facilitated internal train the trainer processes for coaching and teaching, and designed and delivered virtual leadership programs.
During her professional career, Tess has worked within a broad range of industries and companies including Shell, AXA (Global), IAG, AMP, Novartis. Astra Zenica, Coco Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Alcatel Lucent, Telstra, Voda Phone, NHP, BHP, Pasminco, Microsoft Australia, Bank Mandirri, Mission Australia, Sonocco, Acquire Technologies, Channel 9 (Mi9) as well as numerous mid-sized and some startup businesses.
Tess has spent most of career working in Australia as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, USA, Argentina, New Zealand, France and Spain.
Tess lives in Perth, Western Australia and in her spare time, enjoys time with her family, friends, her pets, gardening, environmental work and going on adventures.