Tilman Eckloff

Tilman Eckloff is a consultant and professor of Social Psychology with a passion for understanding how individuals and organisations can flourish and function effectively. He has worked extensively in both academia and consultancy, dedicating himself to exploring questions of diversity, respect, leadership, and communication.

As a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation, Tilman focused his studies on communication and social psychology, earning a doctorate for his work on respectful leadership. As founder of RespectResearchGroup at University of Hamburg, he is widely recognised for his expertise in this area and has shared his insights through numerous scientific publications and media contributions.

Tilman’s experience in academia has been complemented by his work in consultancy. He founded the training and consulting company re|spic|ere to put his theoretical knowledge into practice, serving clients in the public and private sectors in Germany and beyond. He is certified in a variety of DEI-related programs, including democratic conflict resolution (“Betzavta”), diversity (“A World of Difference”), and conflict moderation & mediation, allowing him to navigate complex interhuman relations in diverse settings.

As an associate of Symmetra, Tilman is eager to continue his journey of making organisations better, drawing on his analytical abilities and deep understanding of interhuman dynamics. He brings a unique perspective to every project, and his clients benefit from his dedication to unlocking the potential of both individuals and organisations.