Tomáš Hančil

Tomas works through a developmental psychology approach and focuses on both organizations and individuals. He combines in his interdisciplinary approach psychology, philosophy and natural sciences with the latest ideas from management studies.

His focus is on how to lead in today’s complex world and how inclusion and diversity can help leaders to be more effective in their everyday work. The realisation that we cannot find a single correct answer and need to consider a network of mutually dependent options is a new challenge for everybody.

Over the last decade, Tomas worked with many organisations in Europe, Africa, and North America to develop their leaders, their people and change their internal cultures. As a coach and facilitator he is passionate about challenging our unconscious biases, and works with people to address their personal shadows and navigate their journey towards a mature and progressive form of leadership and personal accountability.

Tomas ballances his consulting and coaching work with woodworking, creating original pieces as well as restoring antique furniture.