Vesna Lorenc

Vesna brings  deep Eastern European professional and lived experience to the Symmetra team. She is bicultural, bilingual Polish and Serbian and  focuses on supporting individuals and teams locally and globally, specialising  in diversity and inclusion  as her key field of interest.

Communicating  and working closely with diverse  people have been at the core of Vesna’s professional career for years. She has Serbian roots and nationality however spent most of her adult life living and working in Poland and abroad, gaining experience in many international projects. This  has helped shape her global mindset, cross cultural  expertise and passion for leveraging the real value that diversity can deliver.

For approximately a decade  Vesna operated as  a business consultant  for a  world renowned  PR and marketing agency during which time she  developed sharp business acumen. In 2011 she pivoted to focus more keenly on soft skills development in which she has been immersed for the last decade. As a business trainer, coach, facilitator and mediator, she supports clients globally, including business leaders and key decision makers in private, public or non-profit institutions through designing and delivering  leadership development programs in four languages – Serbian, Polish, English and Russian.

Vesna has deep experience in working remotely and face to face with senior leaders across Europe and Middle Asia( Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) on empathy; compassionate communication, inclusive leadership, conflict resolution and corporate wellbeing. She is an expert in self-development and coaching, publishing regularly on these topics  in business and lifestyle media.

She’s a co-author of The Empathy Alphabet, a practical guide to emotions and needs, published in Polish in 2020 and Meet Me Halfway- The Art of Thinking Independently Together, a practical guide for cross cultural couples, published in 2021 in Polish, English, Italian and Spanish.

Vesna is a long-term member of the  Society for Intellectual Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) in Poland and Europe. She’s been delivering programs across Europe and Middle Asia, and since the onset of the pandemic has delivered online and blended learning opportunities  in many more  countries  across the globe.