Employee wellbeing and inclusivity in the new norm of remote-working

11 May 2021
Latest Insights From Symmetra, #WFH, Employee Wellbeing


How to get the balance between home and office working right? And how to encourage team cohesion, inclusivity and idea-sharing when employees are scattered in different locations? This is the conundrum now facing employers across the globe. By and large, employees do not want a return to five days a week in a central common location, citing better efficiency working without distractions and less time wasted in commuting-but not all employers are convinced.

Amazon and Goldman Sachs are expecting their teams to return to “an office-centric culture” https://hubs.li/H0MQpWZ0. Nevertheless, many employees now regard work from home as essential and therefore a workplace right. But as Harvard Professor, Amy Edmondson asserts “…sorting out future work arrangements… will require managers to rethink and expand one of the strongest proven predictors of team effectiveness: psychological safety https://hubs.li/H0MQqkN0.

Symmetra has been impressed to see how many executives and managers in its global clients have taken these ideas to heart and are assiduously striving to reinforce psychological safety in all areas of team interaction as remote working has become the norm.