How to build the inclusion capability of leaders: A discussion with Heather Price

16 May 2022
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With research and evidence pointing to inclusion as the enabler for contemporary organisations to leverage the true potential of diversity, many experts have accepted inclusive leadership as a critical competitive advantage.

But, while organisations are ramping up their diversity-focused recruitment to optimise performance and improve the demographic outlook of their workforce, many fail to support this commitment to diversity with an inclusive leader who can make diverse teams exceptional.

The lack of leadership buy-in to inclusivity comes as the result of leaders staying rigid to their old styles of leadership and failing to display an awareness of bias, much less a commitment to uprooting it.

Why is inclusive leadership important to extract the most out of a diverse workforce?

Studies have shown that leadership makes the biggest difference in making employees feel as if they’re a part of the organisation, respected, and valued. Simply put, inclusive leaders can invoke a sense of belonging among their teams, which, in turn, makes them more productive, loyal, and performant—boosting bottom lines.

So what can you do as a leader to nurture inclusion capabilities within yourself and in upcoming leaders in your organisation?

That’s what our CEO Heather Price will discuss at the Canary Wharf in London on the 16th of May, 2022 during her open discussion in partnership with Credit Suisse.

What can you expect?

With the data we’ve gathered using our comprehensive 360-degree assessment tool, the Leadership Index, and through our experience working with close to 3000 executives around the globe, we’ve uncovered some unique and useful insights about the inclusive leadership capabilities of business leaders.

You can expect Heather to dive into the reasons why many leaders aren’t as inclusive as they may think, what employees expect to feel more included in the workplace, and what strategies leaders can implement to nurture their inclusive leadership capabilities.

You’ll also be able to get answers to other questions you may have about inclusive leadership. 

Join the discussion

If you’d like to be a part of this important conversation:

Where: Credit Suisse offices in Canary Wharf, London
When: Monday, the 16th of May
Time: 3-5 PM

Come join us and walk away with new insights to improve your inclusive leadership capabilities.