In many organisations when Symmetra is engaged to move the needle on the D & I agenda, we find it is taken for granted that the business case for diversity and inclusion is well established and serves as an elementary guiding principle for their business leaders. The focus we are told is “let’s get on with the doing.”

However, Symmetra’s experience on gathering data with over 2,500 participating leaders in organisations across the globe, at varying stages of maturity on their D & I journey, show that these assumptions are really misplaced. Of the 8 competencies measured on Symmetra’s Inclusive Leadership Index – valuing diversity is rock bottom. And without demonstrating a compelling appetite to drive the D & I agenda (because a leader does not truly value it as a strategic business imperative) there is little traction gained. The reality is that whilst many leaders have learnt to mouth the politically correct support for D & I, the Inclusive Leadership Index shows that their everyday behaviour in the workplace does not reflect this.

These results and many other insights we have garnered are sobering. Symmetra invites you to come and learn more at our Symmetra Connect free breakfast session:

Inclusion: The measurement that matters most – SYDNEY – Wednesday 6 June Inclusion: The measurement that matters most – MELBOURNE – Friday 22 June

The implications of the data collected by Symmetra are a reminder that embedding inclusion is a continuing process. Having a nominally diverse leadership and workforce will count for little if leaders do not practise inclusive behaviour. And if you don’t measure and benchmark inclusive behaviour, as well as diverse representation, you will have little opportunity to effect sustainable change in behaviour and in organisational culture.