The celebration of LGBTIQ history month

30 October 2021
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As we come to the end of October 2021, Symmetra can mark together with our many LGBTIQ friends and colleagues, the passing of a noteworthy month celebrating the achievements of those who belong to this community. The observance was first suggested by a Missouri school teacher in 1994 .

The idea of a month-long tribute to this group long- demeaned and discriminated against has proven to be invaluable both in awareness-raising as well as an opportunity for those in the community to come out in pride and solidarity. Although at first it was mainly  a call to assert the rights of LGBTIQ people in the face of active or implicit hostility it has now evolved into an acknowledgement of the  achievements and contributions of skilled  and talented LGBTIQ people in all walks of life and across a multitude of work , social, cultural and sporting activities.

While the USA has June marked for this and the UK, February, in Australia, the month of October has been chosen as the month designated to pay tribute to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and intersex individuals who add to the richness and diversity of our societies. They do this often in the face of  obstacles not encountered by members of the straight community.

In the course of the month there are specific days or weeks which bring focus and attention to bear upon specific member- groups who are often ignored or who are compelled to remain in the shadows.

These include :

  • International Lesbian Day- 8 October
  • National Coming out Day – 11 October
  • Asexual Awareness week  24-30 October
  • Intersex Awareness day- 26 October

Having a month dedicated to LGBTIQ awareness is a signal to the wider public that we must all do our bit to work towards a just and transparent society- a society where the intrinsic value of every human is acknowledged without exception; a society where inclusion rather than exclusion is the byword.

We, at Symmetra, will continue to be active and vocal participants in advancing the interests and protecting the rights of LGBTIQ people in our society. We look forward to the time when they are included and welcomed for the benefits they bring to our multifaceted society.