Across major corporates globally, there is now a widely recognised effort to ensure that the competitive advantage that diversity brings is leveraged effectively. In Australia, New Zealand, and many countries across Europe for example, organisations have either set themselves individual targets, or are tasked by their respective governments to report on actions they are proactively taking to improve gender, as well as the other ‘protected characteristics’, at senior and general organisational levels.

The Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark Tool was designed and developed by a panel of leading researchers from across the world with the specific aim of helping organisations to determine their strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusive workplace environments.

As part of ensuring that all organisations in Australia position themselves as leaders in diversity best practices in order to benefit from the competitive advantage that diversity brings, Symmetra Diversity Consulting and Ernst & Young jointly hosted an event  on the 27th of February, 2012, attended by 120 stakeholders from 60-70 representative organisations from across the public and private sectors. Exploring approximately 9 out of the13 categories that the tool uses to benchmark organisational best practices globally, attendees ranked themselves according to how well they thought their organisations were performing.

The attached report which has been compiled by Symmetra analyses the data collected from the participants and gives an insight into the current diversity status quo in Australia.  It highlights key findings and challenges by category as well as by sector, and provides some commentary and insight as to where concerted effort is needed for Australian organisations to continue on their journey toward becoming Employers of Choice.

The report will be of interest not just to organisations and stakeholders in Australia, but importantly, to all interested in developing a competitive edge. In addition, below is a link to download the free Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark Standards booklet.

Click here to view the report

Click here to download the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark Standards

In addition, many attendees had suggested they would like to ask further questions of the speakers. Please submit your questions in the comments section below, and the appropriate speakers will respond here on the blog.


List of Speakers:

Heather Price – Symmetra

Lynn Kraus – Ernst & Young

Helen Jackson – Ernst & Young

Jacqui Abbot – Allens Arthur Robinson

Megan Dalla-Camina – IBM

Steve McGregor – Commonwealth Bank

Estelle Olstein – Woolworths Limited

Nehemiah Richardson – NAB

Larke Riemer – Westpac