Inclusive Leadership Training & Coaching

Inclusive leadership has evolved from a ‘nice to have’ to a definitive capability that separates high performing teams and companies from the average.

Symmetra’s unique Inclusion Competency Framework gives leaders a practical roadmap to measure, benchmark and develop their inclusive behaviours. This Framework is accompanied by a comprehensive suite of blended learning and development tools that will enable your organisation to build leaders for whom inclusion becomes just part of doing business.

Inclusive Leadership Training

The program is crafted to appeal to all learning styles, giving participants the opportunity to listen, observe, practice and reflect, which is shown to develop long term behaviour change.

We offer:

  • Individual, Team or Organisational Inclusion Assessments
  • A wide range of workshops that address all aspects of our Framework, including key areas like unconscious bias, working flexibly, psychological safety, and leveraging diversity of thought
  • Toolkits and playbooks to translate learning into action back in the workplace
  • A revolutionary e-learning platform for empowering leaders to build inclusion in their teams
  • One on one coaching, team based coaching, and bite-sized “nudge” coaching for the busy executive