Symmetra partners with the iconic Sydney Swans!

27 October 2022
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(From left to right) Tom Harley, CEO of Sydney Swans; Emily Caska, Down Syndrome NSW CEO; Ellen Hester, Down Syndrome NSW Employee; Carly Wilkinson, Principal – Digital and Innovation – at Symmetra; Mon Schafter, Twenty10 Co-chair; Craig Foster, Addi Road Ambassador

Symmetra is proud to partner with one of Australia’s most beloved sporting teams the Sydney Swans as part of  its new Diversity Action Plan (DAP)—an initiative from the Board, staff, players, and community leaders that exemplifies their commitment to becoming a leader when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion..

Winning 10 premierships over its history established since 1874, today, the club is the most widely supported team in the league and with it comes the responsibility to create an organisation that internally reflects the diversity of its over 1 million supporters and broader community.

Their commitment to strengthening diversity was solidified in 2017 when the Sydney Swans had the impressive distinction of being the first AFL club to commit to a diversity action plan.

With the hope of building on this commitment, the club sought to partner with an organisation that has a deep understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and the expertise needed to support its long-term journey to becoming best practice as an organisation.

Working to help the Swans in their mission, we will use our expertise accumulated over many years providing DEI consulting services to global organisations, for the purpose of strategically aligning with the Swan’s DAP’s four pillars: the advancement of women, LGBTIQA+ pride, disability empowerment, and multicultural inclusion. We will provide guidance to ensure that the DAP reflects not only a diverse representation in the Sydney Swans but also equitable and inclusive practices.

Symmetra will also work closely with the Sydney Swans to assess and improve club policies and practices across several areas.

Symmetra CEO Heather Price stated that the partnership between Symmetra and the Sydney Swans is a great opportunity for both organisations as they share the same vision.

“Symmetra is thrilled to be partnering with the Sydney Swans, an organisation already highly regarded for its culture, exceptional leadership, and broader community impact. We look forward to working together to build a premier culture of inclusion that embraces diverse perspectives, creates equity for all and where everyone feels they belong.”

Sydney Swans CEO Tom Harley said that their partnership with Symmetra only stands to highlight and further the DEI journey the club is already committed to.

“At the Swans we’re really cognisant of our role as a community leader in not just valuing difference but celebrating and embracing it—and we firmly believe that having a diverse and inclusive workplace will make our club stronger,” Harley said.

Harley added: “Our Diversity Action Plan has provided a roadmap for our club to make meaningful change, and now through our partnerships with organisations such as Symmetra, we are looking forward to taking the next step in that journey.”

From partnering with Down Syndrome NSW to create employment opportunities, raise awareness, and support people with Down Syndrome to partnering with Twenty10 to educate people and provide an inclusive environment in the workplace, the Sydney Swans are on a mission to become not just an inclusive employer but a genuine community partner and advocate.

We at Symmetra are excited to join the Sydney Swans on this journey and become an integral part of helping their DAP come to life, tackle any challenges, and create a more diverse and inclusive team that reflects the diversity of the community in Sydney.