Traditional business is changing fast. There are 5 key consumer shifts taking place that is driving the need for organisations to become Customer Inclusive and Customer led. Being customer centric is no longer enough. The level of interdependence between customers and organisations is increasing. This interdependence is not new, companies and customers have always been dependent on each other to some degree. For many organisations though inclusion of customers is new. Customers have not traditionally been viewed as part of the business model or as part of the organisations ‘team’.

At this Symmetra Connect breakfast session on 26 August we will be discussing this as well as the emergence of competitor diversity. Competitor Diversity is very challenging; and will change the way organisations operate and the markets they operate in.

The prevailing organisational view tends to be that companies are being disrupted by technology, and there are certainly many examples of that. However, equal or perhaps more disruption is occurring due to consumer choice and behaviour which, whilst enabled by technology, is actually driven by consumer dissatisfaction. Consumers want an alternative and if your organisation cannot provide it then it risks being left behind. If you’re not including your customers someone else is.

The trend toward customer inclusion represents both another revolution in the evolution of Diversity and Inclusion, but also a revolution that has its greatest impacts outside of HR and OD.

Marketing, sales, product research and development are all now being transformed by customer inclusion. Customer Inclusion isn’t just a new way to market or sell, it’s a new way to operate; to meet the needs and solve problems in a way that aims to generate lifelong partnership with your customer. A partnership that research demonstrates will be largely based on experience and intangibles such as trust and authenticity as much as product and service.

At our upcoming Symmetra Connect Breakfast we delve into the world of Customer Inclusion, looking at why we must move toward inclusion. We examine the compelling business case for change and the benefits of customer inclusion on organisational culture, customer engagement and loyalty, and co-creation of products, offers and services all of which have been linked to stronger business performance.

D&I, HR and OD teams are very well placed to champion customer inclusion as an organisation wide challenge that can unite silo’s and offers enormous performance and engagement opportunities. We encourage you to invite key stakeholders from your marketing, sales and product teams to this Symmetra Connect.

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